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Community Partnership Program

What is the Community Partnership Program?

Our Community Partnership Program is designed to help organisations such as sporting clubs and schools through injury and/or athletic screening, injury rehabilitation and targeted athletic development.


This program has the following objectives:


1. Improve the physical performance of individual athletes within the organisation


2. Increase athlete availability through increased resilience to injury down-time


3. Improve short term team performance through development of current athletes


4. Attract new athletes to the club/organisation through exposure to a dedicated elite athlete development program


5. Ultimately to help the club or school to achieve sustained success 

Our Community Partnership Program usually involves 5 key areas of athlete development and performance:

1. Baseline Screening: Capture a snapshot of athletes current ability to support tailored development plans. This involves a combination of clinical and performance based tests which are used to help guide athlete development and injury rehabilitation.

2. Strength & conditioning planning and implementation: Customised pre-season and in-season program to build athlete strength and resilience. Periodised program targeting all areas of athletic performance (Speed, Endurance, Power, Strength etc).

3. Injury Prevention: An evidence-based group and individual program targeting high risk areas of the body and common injuries aimed at increasing athlete availability. This consists of a combination of generic injury prevention as well as targeted injury prevention programs based on baseline screening

4. Concussion Management: Targeted concussion management and rehabilitation under a concussion team consisting of a Sports Physician, Physiotherapist and Exercise Science professionals.


5. Sports Science and Education: Athlete and staff education combined with high performance wellness tracking

Who is the Community
Partnership Program for?

The primary target of our Community Partnership Program is sporting or athletic clubs and schools within the Greater Geelong area.


This program can be tailored to suit any community sporting organisation that wants to improve the performance of their individual athletes or teams.


We are currently working with community-based athletes in the following areas:

  • Geelong West Giants Football/Netball Club

  • Geelong West Cricket Club

  • Geelong Performance Coaching Triathlon Squad

  • Geelong Athletics

  • Multi School Sports Academies

What does the Community Partnership Program look like?

Our Community Partnership Program can be tailored to your specific needs, and include the following key elements to ensure a well-rounded approach to athlete development:

This program has the following objectives:



Before we create and execute a plan we start with a baseline measurement. This helps align athletes and help track progress over time.

  • Presentation to Club Athletes

    • ​Training Overview – Outline of Periodisation/Planning

    •  Athlete Expectations

    • Wellness and RPE Data Collection

  • Physical Screening – Injury Prevention

    • Groin Squeeze

    • Knee to Wall Testing

    • Grip Squeeze – Concussion Assessment

  • Athletic Testing – Performance Programming

    • Jump Testing

    • Sprint and Agility Testing

    • Endurance Testing


To build a collectively stronger team we create tailored digital training solutions for your athletes to work smarter based on their specific base-line position and the needs of the club.

  • Periodisation

    • Tailored planning and programming with a team needs focus

    • Pre-Season, Pre-Competition and In-Season

    • Period Based Loading – Endurance, Speed and Change of Direction work

  • Strength Training

    • Team and Individual Based Strength Programming

    • Strength Training post Main Session <30 mins

    • Individual Programming as required for specific athletes


  • Pre-Training and Game

    • Mobility – General

    • Activation – Lower Limb and Shoulder

    • Landing Strategies and ACL Injury Prevention

  • Post Training

    • ​Injury Prevention Exercises – Nordic, Reverse Nordic, Adductor Loading

  • Performance Based Injury Prevention

    • High Speed Running/Max Velocity Sprints

    • Calf Plyometrics

    • Technical Running and Agility Coaching

    • Peripheral and Reactive Vision work

  • Individual Injury Prevention Programs

    • Designed based on pre-season screening

    • Individually prescribed by physiotherapist


  • Baseline Screening: a series of physical, neurological and cognitive tests to get a baseline data for the athlete to use for assessment of readiness to return to learn, work and play after a concussion injury

  • Education of clubs staff, athletes and parents on the latest concussion evidence and protocols for return to learn, work and play after a concussion injury.

  • Registration of all athletes on a Concussion App to log any head knocks and potential concussions to ensure prompt concussion assessment and management, including delayed concussion.

  • Acute and chronic concussion assessment and rehabilitation of athletes who have sustained a concussion to ensure a safe and successful return to learn, work and play.


  • Wellness Questionnaire

    • Online Forms – 2-3 Times Per Week

    • Linked to Smart App for High Performance and Coaching Staff

  • Load Monitoring

    • Online Forms – 0 to 10 Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

    • RPE and Session Length (Training Load)

    • Longitudinal Analysis of Training Loads

  • Education

    • Basic Injury Prevention Education – Youth Coaches

    • Trainer Professional Development Sessions

    • Taping Education

    • Common Injury Assessment and Diagnosis

    • Concussion Management

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What’s the Barwon Sports Physiotherapy difference?

Sports Practice

At Barwon Sports Physio, our goal is to help Geelong athletes achieve their optimal performance, with elite physiotherapy combined with strength and conditioning under the high performance banner.


Our Physiotherapists together with our strength and conditioning coaches have the unique experience of working in both elite and community sports, helping them to develop a program that delivers world class practices to community sporting organisations.

We achieve this through tailored programming for the individual and team, allowing clubs to have greater player availability, increasing the athletes exposure to more quality training and maximising their potential to improve.


The combination of medical services, strength & conditioning, and sports science, under the banner of one elite high-performance team, uniquely places Barwon Sports Physio, to not only improve the short term performance of community sporting teams, but also attract new talent to the club and work towards sustained success.


Our long-term athletic development model, built from over 10 years of experience of youth athletic development, will ensure the club has a strong pool of talent coming through their junior program.

 Want to discuss a potential Community Partnership? 

To find out how we can help you are your club or school, we recommend an initial discovery call on (03) 5278 1121


This will help us understand your specific needs so we can tailor a program to suit your requirements.


Alternatively, we welcome email or website enquiries if easier for you.

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