Concussion Managment


What is concussion management?

A guided process that returns the individual to school, work and sport in a safe and effective manner, ensuring that specific targets are reached before progressing. 


Who is concussion management for?


Concussion management is for anyone who has suffered an acute concussion or whiplash injury during sport, motor vehicle accidents, work related or just daily life. However, it is also for those that initially suffered a concussions and their symptoms have progressed into Post Concussion Symptoms (PCS)


What does concussion management look like?

An individual stepwise process that includes patient education, specific evaluations including the autonomic system, visual system, vestibular system and cervical spine that are then individualised into a return to learn/work and play program.

What is the Barwon Sports Physiotherapy Difference?

The partnership with CCMI ensures that practitioners are evidence based with up to date research, and therefore, providing the highest quality care and expertise to each individual. 

Practitioners that have a wide range of experience in applying strength and conditioning methodologies to rehabilitation, which includes the transfer to concussion protocols, therefore, enhancing their effectiveness. 


How do you book a concussion management appointment?

You don’t need a referral!


So give us a call on (03) 5241 1431 or book online, or get in touch here. 

 How do you book a concussion managment appointment? 

To find out how we can help you whether you are a club, school or individual, we recommend an initial discovery call on (03) 5241 1431


This will help us understand your specific needs so we can tailor a program to suit your requirements.


Alternatively, we welcome email or website enquiries if easier for you.