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Other Services

What are the other services we provide?

In addition to physiotherapy & clinical pilates, high performance physiotherapy and community sport services we provide a range of additional services. These include:

  • All abilities therapy - NDIS support services 

  • Sarcopenia Clinic - Strength training for aging adults 

  • Exercise is Medicine - Cancer and Chronic Health Issues

  • Concussion Management/Rehabilitation - Acute and Chronic 

  • Restorative Therapy - Yoga, Mobility and Recovery

What are the other services we provide?

  • Individuals of all abilities that require an individual management plan to help them move better or reduce pain.

  • Those interested in using exercise to combat the effects of ageing, cancer, and chronic health disorders.

  • Rehabilitation for management of physical and disabilities, to not only build on physical function but also develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety, and a heightened emotional state.

  • Concussion management and rehabilitation are for any individual who has suffered a head injury and needs guidance on return to function.

  • School Sports Academy

What does a standard treatment look like?

  • NDIS

    •  We start with an initial assessment including baseline testing and functional screening to program and plan accordingly. This is then commonly followed by complete at-home rehabilitation if required or supervised rehabilitation with the goal of increasing autonomy over the program where appropriate. 

  • Sarcopenia Clinic

    • We start with an initial strength assessment of upper, lower limb, and core with individualised strength programming to combat the effects of ageing on muscle loss. This is followed up with regular strength testing and adjustment to the program. Initially, this is in a supervised capacity, however, with an increase in competency, clients will build towards independent training. 

  • Exercise is Medicine

    • We start with a basic assessment of physical function dependent heavily on the current level of capacity. This program is designed to allow for a safe environment for individuals to exercise and manage symptoms of chronic disease. As with all of our services, we aim to test, re-test individuals and progress strength, endurance and stability where appropriate. 

  • Concussion Management/Rehabilitation

    • Baseline Screening: a series of physical, neurological and cognitive tests to get a baseline data for the athlete to use for assessment of readiness to return to learn, work and play after a concussion injury

    • Education of clubs staff, athletes and parents on the latest concussion evidence and protocols for return to learn, work and play after a concussion injury.

    • Registration of all athletes on a Concussion App to log any head knocks and potential concussions to ensure prompt concussion assessment and management, including delayed concussion.

    • Acute and chronic concussion assessment and rehabilitation of athletes who have sustained a concussion to ensure a safe and successful return to learn, work and play.

  • Restorative Therapy

    • We start with an initial assessment of the passive and active joint range of movements combined with a functional strength assessment to determine mobility and restoration program. This can be achieved with one on one sessions or in a larger group setting with the goal of changing muscle length and joint range of motion and often promoting recovery.

What is All Abilities (NDIS) Physiotherapy?

All Abilities Physiotherapy is a way of supporting and improving quality of life for those with disability. 


We start off with a chat about the individual’s goals (what they want to achieve or improve) and any current issues, limitations, concerns etc. We then devise a plan to help them achieve these goals. We target factors like muscle strength, muscle endurance, joint mobility, muscle flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.


Our plans can involve any of the following:

  • Individualised home/off-site exercise programs

  • One-on-one exercise sessions, at our clinic gym

  • Small group exercise sessions, at our clinic gym

  • Manual therapy

  • Referral to other services

Who is All Abilities (NDIS) Physiotherapy for?


All Abilities Physiotherapy is tailored towards individuals with disability. We happily see everyone - whether you have an NDIS plan or not.


What is the Barwon Sports Physiotherapy Difference?


At BSP we are passionate about creating real and positive change in peoples lives. We tailor our plans to each individual’s goals and needs. So many of our clients are happily doing exercises in our gym and doing things in their daily lives that they had never expected to be able to do.


How do you book an All Abilities Physiotherapy (NDIS) Appointment?


You don’t need a referral!


So give us a call on (03) 5241 1431 or book online, or get in touch here.