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Clinical Pilates

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movement and function.


They work with people of all ages and abilities to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions.


Physiotherapy uses a combination of manual therapy and exercise based techniques to improve movement, reduce pain and stiffness, facilitate the healing process and increase quality of life.


A physiotherapist will use their in-depth knowledge of how the body works, combined with hands-on clinical skills, to assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms. They can also work with people to help you prevent many injuries and health conditions and improve performance.

Who is Physiotherapy for?

Physiotherapy is for anyone who is not moving the way they want, whether it be because of joint soreness, soft tissue injury or an underlying mobility issue for example. We pride ourselves on providing accessible physiotherapy for all walks of life so we can help more of Geelong move better.

Basically, if you aren't moving the way you want or have pain, we are here to help give you the knowledge and tools you need to get better.

Common types of patients we see are:

  • People with a soft-tissue injury such as back, shoulders, knees, ankles

  • People with long-term injuries or pain 

  • Amateur sports people who have suffered an injury

  • Professional athletes who want to reduce injury time and increase performance

  • Kids or parents who have hurt themselves and want to get back moving again

  • People with a disability who need assistance improving joint or muscle movement

  • Older people who need assistance with injury or movement

What does a standard Physiotherapy treatment look like?

At Barwon Sports Physio, we use evidence based research to inform Musculoskeletal assessment and physiotherapy to improve function of individuals affected by health conditions such as injury, illness, disability or movement dysfunction.


This involves taking a thorough subjective assessment (talking and listening to you, the patient) in combination with a hands-on (but COVID safe) physical and movement-based assessment to make an accurate diagnosis of your true condition.


We use up-to-date evidence based physiotherapy practices to inform our manual and exercise based treatment. Key to this is educating you, the patient, about your condition, as we strongly believe the more you know the better. Plus, we can see what the human body is capable of, and how good it is at repairing and regenerating itself given the right opportunities.

Science-based research indicates that manual treatment as part of a physiotherapy session helps reduce pain and get better movement for muscles and joints. A structured rehabilitation plan to increase the physical capacity and help maintain the movement of the tissues involved.  This includes short-term self-management strategies that you can do as part of your daily or weekly schedule to help reduce your pain and symptoms, so you can play an active part in your recovery. Longer-term strategies focus on ensuring you maintain movement and ideally help prevent the injury reoccurring in the future.

Where required we may recommend referrals to other health professionals to ensure all symptoms are suitably treated, this may include a General Practitioner, Sports Doctor, Podiatrist, Psychologist or X-Ray or MRI scans. 

Image by Annie Spratt

What is Clinical Rehab
(Clinical Pilates)?

Our Clinical Rehab (Clinical Pilates) Pilates program focuses on developing stability and control throughout the whole body to improve posture, balance and reduce pain using Pilates-based exercise principles. It is also a beneficial way to resume activity earlier after injury before you reach the stage of starting gym-based rehabilitation later on in your recovery.

Utilising a range of equipment such as the Pilates reformer, balls, hand weights, rollers and more your Physiotherapist will create an individualised exercise program for you to achieve your goals.


Clinical Pilates can assist with reducing lower back and neck pain, increasing strength around the pelvis, hips, knees and upper body, safely improve abdominal strength and is also suitable to participate in pre and post-partum.

What’s the Barwon Sports Physiotherapy difference?


At Barwon Sports Physiotherapy our main focus is getting you moving better.


We believe that the most important aspect of our physiotherapy service is developing a trusting relationship between the practitioner and client. That's why we offer affordable longer appointment times so we can take time to better understand what's important to you and how we can tailor treatment to meet your goals.

We have a unique balance of practitioners with experience in elite sport, community sport, private practice and community physiotherapy. We have detailed knowledge of strength and conditioning to complement our physiotherapy training to help bridge the gap between basic rehabilitation and improving physical performance.

Our team of practitioners are qualified professionals with more than 5 years putting their experience into practice. We also value professional development and continued learning so that our services are constantly improving with the latest research.

Our clinic also includes a large purpose-built rehabilitation gym, which means we can provide individual treatments as well as on-site rehabilitation assessment and treatments.


 How do you book an appointment? 

Call us on 

03 5278 1121

Visit us

30 Bellerine St, Geelong OR

Shop 6, 57 Thompson Road 


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